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​​​Photography On The Spot in Toronto is a professional photography service that specializes

in capturing the unforgettable moments of your Special Event, Corporate Christmas Party,

Wedding or Birthday Party allowing your guests to have beautiful photographs

that are ready ON THE SPOT.

Thanks to our signature Mobile Photo Studio Print Station and Photo Booth! 

When it's time to start planning your special Event, Corporate Christmas Party, Wedding or Birthday Party  think Photography On The Spot.
With over fifteen years of experience, Photography On The Spot specializes 
in Corporate and Event photography.

We use state-of-the-art digital cameras,

lenses and lighting systems to capture your Event.

All photos could be printed on site using our Mobile Print Station.

​​​​​Photography On The Spot

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The idea for launching Photography on the Spot's Photo Booth service came to Yuri (our founder) while he was attending a wedding with his family. His daughter was disappointed that the Photo Booth in place provided a fun experience, but printed photos of such poor quality that they could not be framed.  She turned to Yuri and said, "Dad, your prints are much better than at any of the weddings I have attended in the past. Photo Booths provide a unique experience.  Why not combine both?"  ...And here we are today! 

​​​​​A professional photographer since 1995, Yuri Krantman has always believed that connecting with the people in his photos is the best way to capture a special moment. The concept for Photography On The Spot grew out of a night out at a Holiday Party in 2001. Wanting to walk away from the party with a nice photo of him and his wife, Yuri identified the need for "On-Location Photography" at Special Events. He set about building a company that delivered high-quality, client-centred, affordable photographs right at the Event. Fifteen years later, Photography On The Spot continues to deliver on these very same principles.